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Are you looking for Mobile Legends Tips and tricks to push defect, your enemy?

Well, today we are going to reveal some proven tips and tricks which you can use to defect boss or 5v5 players arena games.

Mobile Legends 06 Tips and Tricks

Here are 06 tips and tricks of Mobile legends which you can use to clear your present levels.

Tip1 # Know your Hero and His abilities

If you are new to Mobile Legends, then you should know your Hero and their abilities.

Mobile Legends have 06 hero’s category form, which you can choose your hero, and then you can upgrade their attributes. We recommend you all to go through these hero attributes and check how they fare against each other. Also, check our post on Mobile Legends hack


These the main force hero which rely on Melee attacks. They will go to a close quarter fight and give extreme damage to enemy hero and army.

The fighter is balanced hero who can help with defense and attack both; you can choose these heroes when you are playing in a 5V5 battle.


These heroes always initiate the war and treated as the first unit in any battle. The tank is useful for any 5V5 battle and gives huge damage to the enemy and their unit.

The tank has some abilities such as Stuns which can give an early blow to the enemy, but they are extremely slow, and you cannot expect them to wipe out your enemy units.

Tanks have high HP and resistance, which means it can save their weaker hero’s and unit and charge from the front.


If you want any high risk and high reward hero, then you can bank on Assassin. These are an extremely deadly hero who has very swift action and can wipe out enemy faster.

One of the drawbacks of Assassin is their high cooldown abilities, which you need to compensate by running away. You can upgrade its ability to burst damage, which is a deadly combination for a fast-moving hero.


If you want any mystic abilities, then you can rely on Mage. You can upgrade its magical power by choosing the correct emblem set. Mage is a magical kind of hero whose the main attack depends on the magic portion; you need to keep on upgrading its skill to wipe our enemy.


These heroes have the abilities of the close quarter fight, and then they run away to save themselves.  Markman hero fight on the gorilla warfare, where they inflict damage to enemy and run away to create the next wave.

Markman hero is extremely effective when you upgrade them with “Stutter stepping” attributes.


You need one medic in your team to give medical heal to your teammates. Rafael is the one support hero present in the mobile legends which can help you with this task.

Support hero is extremely necessary when you are going for 5V5 battle, as they can stun, slow, and heal their own teammate during the war.

Tip 2 #   Gain Right ability to your Hero

There are many abilities which you can give to your hero, some of them are given below

  • Retribution: in this ability, you will give 600 damage to your enemy. you can also increase the damage deal 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Stun: open at Lv13 which will confuse your enemy and stun them for half a second. You can use mana and use these abilities to stun your enemy and wipe them.
  • Purify: open at Lv15; it will remove all poison and disability from you and your team for 2 seconds. You need to use this ability to save the life of yours and your team-mate during the war.
  • Flicker: open at Lv19, you can jump to a certain distance when you use this option. This will reduce your chance of death during your got surrounded by the enemy.

You should use all these abilities of your hero and do not afraid to experiment with all these attributes.

Tip 3 # Use correct Emblems to your Hero

You need to use correct emblems to your hero to enhance its attributes. These attributes give a special edge over other players who did not have any emblems.

There are 09 emblems in the game, and you need to choose them carefully to enhance your hero abilities. Choose them correctly according to your hero attributes as these need to be upgraded in the game.

Tip 4 # complete your Daily Task

You need to complete your daily task in mobile legends every day, to receive game goodies and rewards.

These are the rewards you can expect daily

Medal Chest – these chests will be available to you when you level up in your game. You need to spend points to unlock these Medal chests in Mobile legends.

Free Chest – These are a free gift from mobile legends which are available free of cost in every 4 hours. You can get many game goodies when you use to open these free chests.

Daily Rewards- these are available when you complete daily task. You can earn experience and other points when you complete a daily task.

Tip 5 # Points to be followed during the fight

  • Do not stay away from your team or you will die
  • Stay with your teammates to help them formulating strategy and implementing them
  • Always check the minimap for enemy movement
  • Do not get fight if you are surrounded by the enemy, escape
  • Hide in bushes when you want to know the enemy movement
  • Do not waste time in chat for unnecessary talk
  • Always focus on mission
  • Try to clear the turrets first to finish an enemy base
  • Do not go for jungle farming, stay with your teammates

Tips 6 # Points when your teammates wipe out

  • Do not give up easily thinking that all your teammates wipe out
  • Do not initiate any fight when you are cornered
  • Try to defend your turret that can be a lifesaver
  • Do not rush as you are alone and need turret support to counter an enemy attack
  • Remain calm and keep on guarding your turret to save guard your base.

Final words

These are the best tips and tricks which you can employ in Mobile legends game to win all levels. We hope you use all these tips and keep scoring on your enemy.

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