Mafia City Tips

Are you looking for Mafia city Tips and tricks, which you can use to get ahead of your competition?

Well, we have formulated 07 tips and tricks of Mafia City, which you can employ to get ahead of your competitors.

Top 7 Mafia City Tips

We recommend you all to use these tips and tricks to improve your game and become the next don of Mafia city.

1. Start Building your Army

When you start your game, the first thing you need to do is start building your army.

The army will give you an essential resource to upgrade your base or to buy a new building in your base. Start building your army when you are new or beginning the game.

You have to attack a small farm outside your city while you start your game. Do not attack another person city as this will break your protection for 03 days.

The army will increase your base power, and this will decide how you can attack or farm any base.

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2. Build Essential building first

All building in Mafia City is are essential as every building have some purpose, and they are interlinked to each other. If you did not make any single building, you would not be able to upgrade your main city.

Whenever you find free space in your city, make new building one by one and get huge rewards. There are many buildings in Mafia city which are worth mentioning

  • Main City Center (Mansion)
  • Invest Center
  • Hospitals
  • Club
  • Radar
  • Diner
  • Pawnbroker
  • Vault
  • Black Market
  • Bootleg Market
  • Ammu-Nation
  • Smelter

3. Do not attack another player city

When you are beginning the game, do not attack another player city as this is breaking your protection and everyone can attack your city.

You can attack other people base when you join a clan, and you are near your clan leader base.

All new players make this mistake of attacking other people based in the beginning and invite attacks on their bases from big levels players.

4. Try to complete your Mission

Try to complete your daily mission and another quest first when you log in daily. Completing your mission enable you to get huge game resources which can be used to build your buildings.

Try to complete at least the basic mission and get resources into your vault. We recommend you all to log in daily to get some mission complete in mafia city.

5. Join Clan and Fly your city near your Clan

Mafia city is a clan-based game which requires friends to fight alongside you. For that purpose, you need to join a clan and fly your city near to your clan.

Normally your clan leader will give you coordinates of his base and will tell you to come near his city. You should always take your city near to your clan leader to complete an attack mission.

Joining clan also give you some rewards such as when you are upgrading your building, clan members can help you, and your building timing will be less.

So, try to join an active clan and also remember to join your own language speaking clan. Many times, it happens that clan belongs to a different country and they speak a different language which you will never understand.

6. Keep upgrading your Troops

The second most important thing in mafia city is to keep on upgrading your troops. Troops involve

  • Bikers
  • Gunslingers
  • Berserkers
  • Vehicles

You should always mix every type of troops in your army, as each one is unique, and they will help you win any war.

7. Upgrading your hospital

Hospital is important as this help to recover wounded troops. You need to upgrade these building as these will save precious lives for you.

Upgrading hospital also ensures large troops can be recovered after the war, and it also increases the recovery speed of the wounded army.

You can also get help from your clan members for recovering your wounded troops.

Final words

These are the top 07 tips and tricks for Mafia city which you can use to get ahead in the game.

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