Gangstar vegas vs Gta sanandreas

Do you want to know which game is good in Mafia-style category?

Well, let’s compare the two most popular game in mafia category, Gangstar Vegas and GTA San Andreas.

Both the game is available in the Google Play store and can be compared alongside.

Gangstar Vegas is free to download game whereas GTA San Andreas is a paid app.

Comparison between Gangstar Vegas and GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas


  • The game requires onetime payment, and you can forget any other purchase in the game
  • No need to worry on ads and another thing when you paid for the game
  • Good Storyline and beautiful area to explore
  • Develop by Rockstar Games and has more than 1million download from Google Play
  • Play the role of Carl Johnson
  • Return to your neighborhood to find yourself frame in Homicide
  • Embrace a journey where you will take on every gang out there on San Andreas
  • More than 70 Hours of gameplay
  • The game involves storyline and sandboxing


  • Game is not free to play, require purchase
  • Graphics are not great as compare to Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas


  • Develop by Gameloft and has 50million installs from Google Play Store
  • Graphics are great and looks awesome when compared to GTA
  • Game is free to install but requires in-app purchase
  • The game got updates and keeps on providing new events
  • Game has more than 80 mission to complete
  • The game has a gripping storyline which you will entrail to complete
  • The game has all possible weapon in the game which requires an upgrade
  • The game has a wide variety of Vehicles like monster Cars, Boats, Bikes, Airplane
  • Game does not have sandbox type gameplay
  • You need to upgrade your skills to keep on completing the game
  • You will get different game goodies like chest and other items during gameplay
  • Game amply rewards players for daily login, completing the mission and completing other events
  • You can play online with this game

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  • Game is Free but requires in-app purchase which is quite high
  • You need to pay almost more than 50% of the game features in Gangstar Vegas
  • Gangstar Vegas has a story, but it has many repetitive missions
  • You need to purchase the VIP pass to get many items in the game
  • Need to invest money to get that VIP pass and upgraded weapon to clear mission
  • The game need gems and coins to progress in higher levels


In our opinion, Gangstar Vegas score over GTA Sans Andreas in Graphics and cool storyline. Whereas GTA score over the sandbox style of playing where you need to venture different places to get items

GTA is not a free game, and you need to purchase it before you can use it, whereas Gangstar Vegas is free but has in-app purchase.

Decide what you like in these two-mafia style game and how you want to spend your money on these two games.

Final words

We hope you like comparing these two-mafia style game available in the Google Play Store.

Gangstar Vegas has little advantage over GTA, as it is free and has good graphics as compared to GTA.

GTA still looks at the games of ’90s and did not have cool and advance graphics.

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