Gangstar Vegas Tips And strategy

Looking for some resounding tips and tricks which will make you no1 boss in Gangstar Vegas?

Well, read this complete tips and tricks of Gangstar Vegas which will enable you with all those attributes to become no1 Gangstar in Vegas.

Gangstar Vegas is mafia style role-playing first-person shooter game, which involves thief, car driving, making clan, breaking casino or banks and many more.

One of the best parts in Gangstar Vegas is the different types of vehicles which you can drive apart from the car. You can drive Monster Truck, Tanks, Fighter jets, Muscle cars, and motorcycles.

You need to complete many missions which include killing of zombies, Box robots and eliminate all clans from the shadow using Gangstar Vegas hack.

06 Pro Tips to become no1 in Gangstar Vegas

1. Login Daily to get Bonus and Goodies

Gangstar Vegas rewards all players who are loyal and keep coming back daily to play the game. Gangstar Vegas gives daily bonus and other goodies when you log in daily.

We advise you all to log in daily in the Gangstar Vegas game to claim game items and goodies. These goodies will help you in getting clear your mission and skill upgradation.

Daily login into the game also ensures that you did not miss any new information regarding the game and keep an eye on new goodies and events.

Just keep an eye on the new information and events which you will get in the information box. Regularly check your email account for new information regarding the game.

2. Complete all mission in Gangstar Vegas

Try to complete all mission given in the Gangstar Vegas which will also ensure that you will receive game rewards when you clear any mission.

The mission is an essential part of the Gangstar Vegas, which ensure the Character upgrade or skill upgrade. If you complete any mission, you will be handsomely rewarded in Gangstar Vegas for that effort.

80 The mission will be provided in Gangstar Vegas, which will keep your character on the toes. You need to learn to drive a different vehicle or eliminate different enemy to complete those mission.

3. Try different shooting strategy

There are two schools of thought in Gangstar Vegas while fighting with the enemy

  • Shoot and hide
  • Shoot and Run

You can test these two strategies when you are in the mission.

Shoot and hide is the basic evergreen strategies which you can employ when you are surrounded by many enemies.

In this strategy, the enemy will surprise and will keep on searching you, while you can shoot and hide behind any wall.

Shoot and run is another fighting strategies which comes from Battle Royale. In this, you need to shoot at your enemy and keep on jumping and running.

This will ensure that enemy bullet will never find you and you can shoot them easily.

4. Invest in Higher-end Weapon

One of the biggest rules in Gangstar Vegas is the choice of weapon and how you upgrade them. Spend money on a high-end weapon like Assault Rifle which can hit the enemy in short as well as in long range.

Assault Rifle is the game changer when you need to eliminate large horde of Zombies and other robots. Do not rely on shotgun or pistol to clear all mission.

You cannot complete your mission with a pistol or shotgun, so spend money and get some high-end weapon.

Upgrading those high-end weapons are essential as they will give you more damage, accuracy, and range.

5. Upgrade Skill to clear mission

There are many Top skills in the game which you need to upgrade while you start clearing the mission.

You can upgrade skill pertaining to Vehicle or health or weapon. Depending on your skill you can clear your mission faster and easier.

We recommend you all to upgrade your vehicle skill first as this will help you in your mission and also enable you to ride different vehicles.

6. Get Keys in the game

You need to find keys in the game or need to purchase them form the store to open the chest. These chests have many rare items which can help you improve your character attributes.

Keys are the rare and essential commodity of the game, which also can be procured by playing in a casino. You need keys to open chest which you earn from completing the mission.

Final thought

These are the 06 Pro tips of Gangstar Vegas which you can use and become the no1 player in the arena.

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