Hungry shark world free gems and coins

Are you searching ways to get free Gems and coins in Hungry Shark world?

Well, we have consolidated a few points which will definitely help you in getting free Gems and coins using our Hungry Shark World hack.

Hungry Shark World game is the successor of Hungry Shark evolution, and it has created history by a maximum number of installs.

Google Play Store has confirmed that Hungry Shark World has more than 50 Million verified installs from its platform.

With the ever-increasing popularity of Hungry Shark World, we also got some complaint about the price of gems and coins in the game.

These are sold at a very high price, and people are not able to buy gems and coins to upgrade their Hungry Shark. If you check the overall price of these gems, then you will feel it is exorbitant.

How To get Free Gems And Coins In Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark world game mainly depends on the game character Shark, which needs three things to eat foods.

  • Speed
  • Bite
  • Boost

If you are not able to upgrade these basic attributes of your Shark, then you will not be able to complete any mission. If you check the game store, then you will find all these game character attributes comes with a price.

To overcome all these issues, we have consolidated some points which if you implement will help you get free gems and coins.

1. Activate your Gold Meter

Hungry shark world has only one motto, “Eat and live,” you need to eat to keep kicking and alive.

You will find many times some food items will seem in Gold colors; these will be bonus gold. You need just to eat them to keep on increasing the gold meter present in your dashboard.

Eating gold color food also ensure your Gold meter progress bar will keep on increasing. When it is full, you need to press the “Activate” button present in the dashboard.

This will ensure that all the creature and food items will change into Gold coins for sometimes and you need to eat them all to get those coins.

Remember, gold coins are easy to come when your gold meter is full, and you have activated the button. Gold coins can be used to upgrade your shark to the next level.

2. Eat Purple Haze Fish

If you keep a close look in your game, you will find fish with a purple glow; these fish are the main source of gems.

If you find any fish with a purple glow, eat it, and get some gems. As you know in Hungry Shark world game, gems are a rare commodity, and it is very difficult to get them in games.

Gems can be used for purchasing new Shark and to upgrade attributes of this shark.

There may be a situation when some fish start glowing purple; these fish also will fetch you with free gems.

3. Complete Daily Mission

You will be given three mission every day, which can fetch you extra coins if you finish them in time. There are many additional items like “eat 5 birds in any mission” this will fetch you with 100 gold coins.

Now regardless of the mission you have completed, you will receive some daily chest if you attempt to play any of these missions.

Keep clearing daily mission to get some coins and free chest which some game goodies will.

4. Login Daily

You need to keep login daily to get new and another announcement of Hungry Shark World game. Daily login also ensures that you get game goodies as a compliment when your login which will help you in the long run.

We recommend you all to log in daily to complete at least one mission, which can fetch you with the free chest.

5. Spend money on Maps

You need to spend coins to purchase Hungry Shark World maps. These will also ensure you to find HUNGRY letters which are distributed on the maps.

If you are able to locate all these letters, then your Shark will become three times larger, which means you can pray more.

Maps also ensure that you locate all the daily chests with might contain gems and coins.

Final word

These are the 05 Tips to find free gems and coins in Hungry Shark World game. If you are not comfortable of using these tips, then you can check our online tool which will fetch you unlimited gems within 3min of time.

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